High Percentage F1 Kittens

For HP F1 Savannah kittens please call ā€“ 727-687-4026

HP means High Percentage this is an F1 baby with a Serval cat sire and a F1 Savannah Mother. This is the highest percentage African Servalcat in a hybrid kitten. Most F1 have F4-F7 Savannah Mothers. The ā€œHPā€ is the largest cat out of all F1 Savannahs. The HP F1 is NOT a fertile cat and is a pet only that must be spayed/neutered at 4-6 months old. Drinkwatercats is one of the early generation breeders and has Specialized in the F1 Savannah for 25 years, producing both High Percentage F1 and F1 Savannahs, This is the rarest, largest, and most Serval looking generation Savannah Cat. The F1 must be reserved, please call me 727-687-4026 for information! Have a purrrrrrrfect Day! Doreen Boileau/ breeder/ owner of Drinkwater Savannahs since 1997