At Drinkwater Cattery, I am proud of my work raising quality, healthy, and friendly Savannah Cats.
I specialize in the F1 generation. All babies fully guaranteed and come with inoculations and health certificates.
All my Cats and kittens are registered with TICA, and I am a long-time holder of a Class II Florida Fish and Wildlife License. I have a vet inspected "Cattery of Excellence" issued by a licensed exotic cat vet Dr. Diane Perry.
You must pick-up my Savannahs in person, I do not ship them! We are located in the Tampa, Florida area. 
Drinkwater Cattery is a FeLV/FIV and Tritrichomonas Negative cattery. Stud Service is Not offered.




Our Males


Our boys have huge habitats under roof with 35-foot long pens full of hammocks, trees, tunnels and toys.  The thick-gauge perimeter fencing keeps out all critters.  They have a wonderful view of green spacious pasture, and ponds full of wildlife and lots of trees.  They love to watch the horses run.




Males View - click images to enlarge
We have a Spring fed pond with lots of wildlife, the boys love watching the ducks, geese, and Sandhill cranes.

The Pool Area

Where the cats take a "dip" in the pool, on hot sunny days.
The Gazebo

A great shady place to enjoy the kittens
The Nursery

My favorite room, our babies are birthed here and stay until 8 weeks old. These are pens made for birthing, the kitten learns to leave the nest and crawl into the litterbox for good early litterbox habits. We have camera and sound security over our cattery, so I always know what is going on and can keep a close eye on all the cats and kittens. This room has sunlight and cross venelation of fresh breezes and wildlife sounds.
The PVC Birthing Pens

6 Ft. long pens are easy to bleach down and keep clean.
Inside Play Areas

We have several inside play areas that are 14 by 14 with cat trees, tunnels and toys.
 She is a Fawnequin, quite a rare color in Danes.  She is a wonderful pet.

eat We do not breed Great Danes.
is a Harlequin Great Dane puppy and very special to us as our pet and playmate for Dakota.
She has a brown eye and a grey-colored eye.
We do not breed Great Danes.
On July 11th, 2013, I lost my dear BOSTON to Lymphoma.
I will never be the same without her at my side.
Rest in Peace my sweet Boston.
Boston's Memorial and ashes are in the flower garden,
one of her favorite places at our home.

Cupcake and Doreen

Boston, our Great Dane and Cupcake
our mini horse (only 25 inches tall).
Sandhill Cranes are a large bird that stands 4 or 5 ft tall.
They are beautiful, sweet birds and these two live on our property and every spring make a nest and lay 2-3 eggs.
Sandhill Cranes bond and keep the same mate for their entire life.
The cats love watching them walk all around.
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Bold Markings, Vivid Color, Wild Expressions


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